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Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp Class

Bump up your fitness levels and feel the burn!

The Bootcamp class is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) this workout class will improve your fitness along with helping the body burn more calories in a shorter space of time. Workouts will include traditional exercises like Sqauts and Press ups along with some of the latest pieces of equipment that get your body great fitness results.

The 6 week Ultimate You Bootcamp:
  • Join us for our bootcamp day over a 6 week period.
The days workouts are focused on the ‘After Burn’ all the exercises you perform and the workouts sessions you follow are designed to burn calories during AND after the workout. The ‘After Burn’ keeps your metabolism elevated for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished the session. This is why members are seeing amazing results month after month. They burn calories whilst they are sleeping!

Based on HIIT exercises you will be burning calories though adding and maintaining muscle.

On top of all this you will get Help and advice on our Nutrition program:

Nutrition is Key. On any fitness and fat loss programme, nutrition is around 70% of your results. “you can’t out train a poor diet”

You are LITERALLY what you eat. If you eat poorly, you will feel rubbish and what you see in the mirror will directly correlate to what you have eaten in the past.

When you join our 6 week Bootcamp program you will receive the Brealy Bootcamps welcome pack that provides you with information you may need to make the changes necessary to embark on a new way of eating to create a permanent lifestyle change.

It also includes Recipe tips, Meal and typical day eating plans that will help raise your metabolism, burn body fat and leave you feeling on top of the world.

And to make those results happen a bit of Brealy Bootcamp Behaviour from our camp expert:

You CANNOT leave your fitness and fat loss results to chance. If you are going to achieve the results you want you MUST set yourself some specific, measureable goals. “I am going to start a diet and lose some weight this year” that just doesn’t cut it. It needs to be something more powerful such as “By 1st March, I am going to lose 9lbs and drop a dress size, through controlled eating, planning my meals and exercising three times a week”.

For the duration of your program you will receive constant support from your trainer via Text or email to keep you on track.

The Brealy Bootcamp Program provides you with direction. Without this, all of your best intentions will come to nothing, your best laid plans will come off the rails at the first opportunity and you will make another excuse AGAIN…and you will carry on being the same as you are now.

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Every week for 6 weeks call 07710760814 6th Jan 2013 10.00 Berkshire
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What’s included in a Brealy Bootcamp?

  • Pre course advice and consultation
  • Pre arrival Health Questionnaire
  • Joining instructions pack including kit list
  • Ensuite Accommodation*
  • All meals and snacks and drinks
  • Welcome pack and Goody Bag*
  • Personal health assessment
  • Welcome Meeting
  • Up to 9 hours exercise per day
  • Behaviour* and Nutrition Workshops**
  • Hand outs from experts
  • Recipes and meal plans*
  • 1-2-1 personal training session**
  • Complimentary Massage**
  • Optional 1-2-1 expert consultations
  • Departure Health Assessment*
  • 8 week post bootcamp programme**
  • Active post course community

All Residential Bootcamps*
Week or 10 Day Bootcamps only**

I used to be anti personal trainers until I met Julie.
When I met her at bootcamp I observed that she had an intuitive feel for what is right for each client and a good balance between pushing you far and making it enjoyable.
Since I have started working with her on a one to one basis, she has put together program that really is tailored to me, my body and my aspirations.
I really look forward to my sessions with Julie and never thought I would say that about a PT!
Heather, 47, Greater London, PT 2010 -

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