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Brealy Bootcamps has re branded to The Body Retreat come and look at our new website www.thebodyretreat.co.uk

Guaranteed weight loss and amazing results on our bootcamps!

Forget images of military-style trainers shouting instructions at struggling trainees; at Brealy Bootcamps we believe that If you’re ready now to lose weight and get fit, the best way to get results is to make it an enjoyable experience. Our women only Bootcamp programmes work because they build on your personal resolve to make a change in yourself and help you to bring it about – not by forcing you to do things you don’t want to! but by encouraging you to achieve more than you thought possible.
Central to the success of the results we get at Brealy Bootcamps is our philosophy of the ‘Three Pillars’: Exercise, Nutrition and behaviour. These core essentials underpin all our programmes; a balance of all three is vital for a healthy weight and lifestyle;

The exercise and fitness plan we use focuses on creating lean muscle - not bulk. It means we increase your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories all the time - even when you’re sitting! For every pound of muscle you build, you can burn up to 50 extra calories a day.

Our nutritional programme will ensure you follow a healthy eating plan and build a positive relationship with food. While other boot camps are based on the old fashioned principle  “eat less move more” and achieve only short term gains,at Brealy Bootcamps we teach you how to “Eat better, Move smarter” for long term results. All our fitness bootcamps include your meals, healthy snacks and water.


Helping you change behaviour is crucial. You will develop new and long term habits to help you achieve your goals and the healthy lifestyle you desire.

In just a week, by following our programme and adopting the Three Pillars philosophy, you will lose an average of 7.5lbs, drop a Dress or jean size and go home with a new mind-set that guarantees continued weight loss.

Check out our testimonials to read stories from real women just like you who have adopted our principles into everyday life and continue their weight loss journey.

While priding ourselves on being the boot camp run by  women, for women, we do also offer special mixed sex events during the year responding to client demand. So, if you want to work out with your loved one, a friend or colleague, then these camps fit the bill.

There’s a boot camp for YOU

Because we offer the widest range of weight loss holidays in the UK, catering for all levels of ability and interests , we have a weight loss or fitness program that’s perfect for you;
  • 7 day Women only Weight loss Retreats in Dorset, Somerset and Spain
  • 10 Day Fitness Bootcamp in Spain
  • Body and Mind - Burn Out Bootcamp
  • Dance and Tone Weekends
  • Walk and Tone Weekends
  • Mixed one day Boot camps
  • Pre-tox Detox Bootcamp
So why not choose one of Brealy Bootcamps events for guaranteed results that will change your life – with many locations including London, Somerset, Dorset, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Activities at Brealy Bootcamps:

  • Indoor and Outdoor circuit classes
  • Music based classes
  • Kettlebell Zone - helping you to burn 1500 calories a hour !
  • Resistance training with medicine balls, power bags
  • BoxFit
  • 5k to 10k jogs/walks
  • HIIT workouts - Fun ,Fast and effective.
  • Pilates and core training
  • Assault course
  • Yoga Stretching
  • Nutrition, NLP and Hypnotherapy workshops
  • Swimming pool exercises and games (selected venues)
  • Professional tips on how to get the best out of the boot camps and sustain results
  • Nordic Walking - Low impact but high fat burning !
  • Zumba - Wiggle away the pounds !

(Exercise sessions may vary at different venues)

Which Bootcamp is for me?

Day Weekend Retreat Fitness
Improve Well-being XXXX
Varied Exercise Sessions XXXX
Kick Start Fitness XXXX
Behaviour changing workshops XXX
Practical Workshops X
BMI over 40 XXX
Goal Setting Programs XX
Weight loss XXXX

What’s included in a Brealy Bootcamp?

  • Pre course advice and consultation
  • Pre arrival Health Questionnaire
  • Joining instructions pack including kit list
  • Ensuite Accommodation*
  • All meals and snacks and drinks
  • Welcome pack and Goody Bag*
  • Personal health assessment
  • Welcome Meeting
  • Up to 9 hours exercise per day
  • Behaviour* and Nutrition Workshops**
  • Hand outs from experts
  • Recipes and meal plans*
  • 1-2-1 personal training session**
  • Complimentary Massage**
  • Optional 1-2-1 expert consultations
  • Departure Health Assessment*
  • 8 week post bootcamp programme**
  • Active post course community

All Residential Bootcamps*
Week or 10 Day Bootcamps only**

I used to be anti personal trainers until I met Julie.
When I met her at bootcamp I observed that she had an intuitive feel for what is right for each client and a good balance between pushing you far and making it enjoyable.
Since I have started working with her on a one to one basis, she has put together program that really is tailored to me, my body and my aspirations.
I really look forward to my sessions with Julie and never thought I would say that about a PT!
Heather, 47, Greater London, PT 2010 -

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Weight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy BootcampsWeight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy BootcampsWeight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy Bootcamps
Weight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy BootcampsWeight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy BootcampsWeight Loss Retreat | Weight Loss Boot Camp | Bootcamp | Brealy Bootcamps